Friday, October 16, 2009

It's that time again!!!

Time for another Auburn Football Game!!! Yay! I will say that Project Football Love is moving along quite nicely!I am getting pumped for my second big Auburn game! We are leaving butt early (and let me tell you guys that I am not the most pleasant person in the morning) Seriously. Poor Chris, he handles it pretty well. He thinks that joking around will get a smile on my face, but actually he gets quite the opposite reaction. And let's see, if you look at the time stamp of this post, you will see that it is 2.5 hours before we are getting up. Whew, I'm going to be a happy girl. But obviously, very excited!

We had quite an eventful evening. This little brat (yes, don't judge me) decided that she was going to have some fun with us tonight. And we were not amused. She decided to hide from us for 10 hours in the apartment. We literally tore this place apart a few times. We had figured out that she was hiding in the garage under/in the car. We jacked the car, searched the engine and the wheels and there was no Molly. We were convinced that she had gotten out somehow. After crashing on the couch to figure out what to do next, this little thing just strolled back inside looking for food. Yea, thanks Molly. Ooo, we were relieved and ticked the same time, but once she started purring again, we were done being mad. Really, how can you be mad at this little face?!SHHH....don't tell Chris that I am showing you all this! Lookie who he ran into at the San Fran airport this week?!?! Can you tell who it is? Don't fret, I had a hard time with it at first too. I was thinking that this was an old biker buddy of his (I don't think he has any biker buddies) or I was thinking that this was some football player that I am "supposed" to know. Any other guesses??It's GUY FIERI!!! Who would have thunk it? See it now? For anyone that doesn't know who guy Fieri is, no worries, he is one of the stars of the Food Network. And I am a fan! I didn't recognize him without the blond spikey hair showing and the sunglasses on backwards! No real scope, Chris found out that he was on his way to Honolulu and that he is going to be in our neck of the woods soon. (Nashville) How cool is that?! Kind of jealous...

To continue on with the random post, I found quite a lovely surprise when I was visiting one of my regular blogger buddies, Lisa Anne. It is the Dragon's Loyalty award, and I am honored. Thank you Lisa Anne!!! Seriously, if you guys haven't found your way to her corner of the world, you would not regret wandering over there!
So standard rules apply... show some love to the one that gave you the award, link to their page in the post, and pass it on.

In the spirit of this award, I am going to pass it on to my lovely faithful followers! I love you guys! And like what Lisa Anne did, you guys will be surprised by the award by reading this post! (*wink*)

Without further adieu:
1● Beaded Tail
2●Ocean Dreams (and a special shot of love for being my very first follower!)
3●Scrappin' my Bliss
5●the Fox Den
6●Confession of a first time Mom

You guys are awesome! And thanks for being your beautiful selves!

I hope that you all have a SPECTACULAR weekend! It is now 2 hours before I have to get up again, so I have to shut this down and try to get some sleep xpasti I'm out~


  1. Hope you are having fun at the game! I'm calculating you got up about midnight but that seems odd so not sure I'm right. Glad Molly was okay and that she doesn't go missing again! Congrats on your award and thanks for surprising me too!

    By the way, I went running the other night because of you! Can't say as I liked one bit of it but I was very glad when it was over and yeah, I did feel kinda good!

  2. I am loving how much you are enjoying football!!! It is so much fun!!! Can't wait to see pics...hopefully you had a much drier tailgate and game this time!!! :-)

    Thank you so mcuh for the award! You are such a great friend! Big hugs to you!!! xoxo

  3. What state is Auburn in? No you can't be mad at that little kitty.

  4. Well, CONGRATS are in order for you! And well deserved! You have such a lovely little blog here, if i do say so myself! ;)

    And thank you for passing it to me. I will pay it forward with love...



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