Friday, June 29, 2012

God Bless America!! hehe

It is no secret that I have a star crush on one very handsome Channing Tatum. Even the hubby knows, and is not jealous by it at all, he actually thinks its funny. He even offered to watch our daughter and put her to bed so that I could go! How great is that?!!

So given that, I am so very very excited by Magic Mike opening tonight. Seriously, how can one not be entertain by this?? And not only that, but a Matthew McConaughey is a great bonus!
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I will be joining a group of 16 women and I can't fathum that there will be a straight guy in the theater. And if so, I feel sorry for the poor chap! Onto the movies to kick back and be entertained. Popcorn, please!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

And off she goes!

My little girl is walking! Ah- 13 months and she is off! When people tell you that changes come fast and furious, man they weren't lying! It was just yesterday where she felt comfortable and confident enough to finally let go and start exploring and I made a comment to DH that it will will probably take a bit for her to do circles, change direction and such... Well, I was WAY off with that! Let's say it was about two hours thereafter that she was walking to the center of the room and circling some choice toys and then back to the couch ("base"). Blew my mind!!
Tonight we were at a neighbor's cookout and she was all about letting go of mommy's hand and walking between furniture on their back patio. I have to admit that I was a complete helicopter parent hovering over her freaking out that she was being so brave on concrete and brick and not on carpet. I know I will loosen up but holey moley- so soon after just starting to get brave! She wanted no part of mommy's hand! This is crazy! No way should she not want to hold my hand already!!!


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