Friday, June 29, 2012

God Bless America!! hehe

It is no secret that I have a star crush on one very handsome Channing Tatum. Even the hubby knows, and is not jealous by it at all, he actually thinks its funny. He even offered to watch our daughter and put her to bed so that I could go! How great is that?!!

So given that, I am so very very excited by Magic Mike opening tonight. Seriously, how can one not be entertain by this?? And not only that, but a Matthew McConaughey is a great bonus!
 Image from google image

I will be joining a group of 16 women and I can't fathum that there will be a straight guy in the theater. And if so, I feel sorry for the poor chap! Onto the movies to kick back and be entertained. Popcorn, please!!


  1. Hahahaha! That's wild. I definitely like Channing (and my husband thinks he awesome too....loved 21 Jump St!) - thanks for coming by today xo

  2. I've heard so much about this movie all of a sudden. I will have to check it out! Here from SITS! :) Happy Weekend!

  3. LOL - Yes, God Bless America! I'm hoping to go see the movie tomorrow. Found you via Sharefest. Definitely a fun post and great picture.



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