Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheezburger Wednesdays

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I am starting Cheezburger Wednesdays. I absolutely love the "icanhascheezburger" website and the posts that they have are too funny that I have to share them with you all. So I hope you enjoy a little bit of cuteness and humor for your Wednesdays!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am now a fan! My first College football experience was intense! I went to a small university for undergrad and grad so I missed out on all of this fun stuff! But I will certainly be making up for that now... Let's see, it was WET, crazy, thought provoking, and I really do need to emphasize the WETNESS factor. But all in all, it was a fabulous weekend and extremely exhausting!

Have any of you guys been tailgating? I really don't think I understood the meaning of it. I was thinking open back end of a SUV with chips & dip, beer, and some chairs. That's all. Man, I was in for an awakening. Tailgating is serious business people! We are talking lots of RVs, campers, tents, and some trucks and SUVs mixed in there as well. These guys get there two days before kickoff and just hanging out. Any bit of land on campus is taken up with these campers. And then come Friday afternoon after classes, the RVs take over the parking lots. (We are talking swanky RVs too) People just set up shop and eat, drink and be merry with other hard core fans.

Okay, let's kick up this image up a notch. There are tons of tents, grills, and food like you wouldn't believe. But the biggest thing that literally BLEW MY MIND was the Satellite dishes and flat panel TVs. No, I am not kidding you. They were everywhere! I still can't imagine setting up a satellite dish and a nice TV under a tent. So before kickoff, people just drink, hang out all day and watch other football games.

Here was our little tailgate. And I say little because even though to me, this is pimped out, it wasn't as pimped out as some of the setups that we saw.

Hardcore!(see the satellite dish on the left by the SUV?)
(Chris and I, pre-storm)

Here is Tiger Walk. Mass people crowd outside the stadium to cheer the players as they walk into the stadium. I couldn't get the best pictures, sorry about that. The second picture is shows the van that brings in the Eagle. We didn't get to see the Eagle fly around the stadium because of the rain and the rain delay.
Okay. The rain. We are not talking about a drizzle or even a steady rain. We are talking about a TORRENTIAL rain storm. I took this picture right before the sky literally opened up. Yeap, we got caught up in this sucker. We found out later that this storm dumped 3.75 inches in 40 minutes. There wasn't a dry inch on us. All we had was an extremely thin "trash bag" of a poncho that was only designed to hold off a drizzle.
The students just stripped down to what was legally allowed and just relished in it and sang along to Creedence Clearwater Revival "Have you ever seen the Rain". Funny right? I wasn't really laughing at the time. But it was amazing to see the shear love for their team. It was pretty impressive. Here is a you tube video a fan took on the opposite side of the stadium. About a minute in you can hear the crowd singing.

It was late when the game finally got started. I will spare your all of the actual game details. Short story- West Virgina was whipping Auburn's butt in the beginning but then Auburn got their act together, made it a game, and then won. (how was that?)

For any of you who didn't have a college football experience, I took this video for you so you can get a glimpse of the environment.

After the game we had a 2 mile walk back to the camper and then we had to wait in traffic to get out of town. We were beyond tired. The one thing we didn't do was go down into campus and see the students TP all of the trees. That is a tradition for all wins. Fingers crossed that when we go down in October, we will have the opportunity to see that.

What an AWESOME weekend!!! I can't wait to go see another game, and it would be great if it were a dry one!! I am a FAN!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Designs by Vanessa

Hey Guys! It is that time of month for the Featured Etsy Blogger! This month is Vanessa @ Designs by Vanessa. If you guys have not seen her shop, it is a must see! Her cards and jewelry are fantastic! Cute birdies!
Love this necklace!
Seriously, can you get any cuter?

Here are her links:
Etsy Shop ♥
Blog ♥

Please enjoy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A post full of Randomness

Today I had my dreaded dentist appointment. A crown and a couple of cavities. (please don't judge the state of my mouth!) AGH. The whole left side of my face looked deformed. And then stupid me had to go to the grocery store afterwards for some soft food, and I felt like I was drooling all over the place. I couldn't close my mouth because when I would, my face would contort into all kinds of unattractive faces. I couldn't get home fast enough. But you know, I am writing this at 11pm and I'm not doing too bad. Not too bad at all. Guess I can't be so scared of the dentist now right?!

My fantasy football team did GREAT this weekend! I'm in first place! Thanks baby! lol It is his team with my name on it. What can I say, he has 14 years of fantasy practice on me so of course I am going to take his advice! lol But I did faithfully watch some of the games. Project Football Love had a good first week!

I thank Kaibee for the lovely Splash award! Truly thoughtful. You have to check out her blog, very very cute! Diary of an all Pakistani Girl I want to thank all of you guys for your bloggy love. I have only been blogging for a few months, and I absolutely love it. And I am so excited to have some new friends, thank you for taking a seat at my blog. I am a VERY, VERY lucky girl, and I feel loved! You guys are wonderful!

I am SOO looking forward to the weekend! Chris and I are going to Auburn for a football game! YAY! He surprised me with the tickets last night!! I am so excited! Looking forward to a long weekend doing some fun stuff outside of Nashville! I went to a small university so I never got to experience that college football thing. So I am really looking forward to a full weekend of Tiger Walk, toilet papering the trees if they win, tailgating, and watching the Eagle flying around the stadium! Let's just all keep our fingers crossed that they win so that I come home with a happy fiance. lol But rest assured, I will be posting some pictures!! I am so excited!! Is it the weekend yet?

Do any of you guys watch So You Think You Can Dance? or Project Runway? I am looking forward to my shows this week! Oh and "The Office" premerie, YIPPY! Very excited about that!

The computer is going to be getting shipped off soon to get some much needed repairs, so if I am MIA for a week and I can't borrow a computer- you all will know what is going down. I don't know what I am going to do, no computer! AHHH! There is probably going to be lots of bags being made! lol

Hmm...I think that is all for the moment. We were down checking out the house this past weekend and it SHOCKING how much they had gotten done. It is amazing. I am ready to move- like tomorrow. lol I will have to post some of the pics for you guys.

I hope you guys are all doing well and your week has gotten off to a good start!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My first Blog Carnival!

A big "Hello" Everyone!! This post is my participation in my first blog carnival. I am a new member of the Etsy bloggers and so every month you will see a post about different topics and themes. I hope that you enjoy reading them, they will certainly bring a different flavor to my blog. I am so excited!!So the topic for this post is "To make the world better what do you do? Charity donations or support, volunteering, or living green"

Actually it is an easy one for me to answer. It combines my love and education in architecture and the helpless stray animals that are in our neighborhoods and towns. My dream is to go into towns and revitalize abandoned shopping centers (big boxes) and make them into No Kill Animal Shelters. We all see the sweet animals in our neighborhoods sometimes there is only so much that can be done, and it kills me. My heart goes out to the stray dogs and cats, and I would take everyone of them in if I could. I really would. Our cats are strays that we have taken in, and Chris and I are feeding a Mama Cat and her two kittens at the moment. We would so love to take in these little guys, it is tearing us up not to.We have also heard those heartbreaking stories about humane societies putting helpless animals down for the simple reason that there isn't any food. Well you know what, this isn't good enough.My hometown is riddled with old shopping centers that are struggling and are complete eye sores. They just sit there. Why can't some of those big boxes get turned into No Kill Shelters? It would bring in people, it would more importantly allow for those helpless animals to have a home, some love and live out their life in peace if they were not able to get adopted. And with the space that comes with a big box, we are talking about 100,000 square feet that animals can have their own little world and they would be off the streets.I am hoping that as soon as I finish up my licensing exams and become a Licensed Architect, I am able to use my "expertise" to find a way to, in a sense "kill two birds with one stone". I know this is not the best analogy I can use especially in a post about saving the animals, but I think that you can understand my point. It is a win-win in my opinion.

Thank you so much for reading about my dream. I would love to see it materialize someday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Parker

I want to thank all of you who were sending some prayers and good thoughts Parker's way and to give you all an update on his condition because he had been doing so well! He had all of the IVs taken out, put in an open crib started feeding from a bottle(!), and he is now over 3lbs. Such a blessing!

The roller coaster took another dive this evening and he is quite a sick little guy again. He was now having seizures every 20 minutes, it looks like the meningitis is back, low blood pressure, and possible pneumonia. This poor little guy, he is fighting so hard.

Please offer up another round of prayers and thoughts for little Parker and his family. They can use everything we got!

For those who are new to my blog, here is the previous post about this Precious little guy, and the family's blog with all of the updates.

Thanks again everyone! Let's pray this roller coaster starts climbing another hill.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh boy, Oh boy!

I just picked Chris up from the airport and lookey what he brought me! Fresh sourdough from San Francisco! Yippy, my favorite. And it is a cute turtle! I don't even want to eat it, it is too cute!
And this is a loaf of asiago sourdough. As you can see, someone has already gotten to it! lol Yum, yum.So do you guys have any suggestions with what I can do with the bread??

Do you all have any plans for the weekend? I get to finally spend some time with Chris here at home! It gets hard with Chris because he is gone every week for work to a new place each week so I don't really get to see him until the weekend. Then sometimes he isn't even here for a whole weekend. It gets frustrating sometimes just because he isn't here and I miss him. Some weeks are better than others, but I had a hard time with it this week. One week at a time right?! And he has a week off this next week so I get him for a whole week!!! Oh, boy!

On a happier note, the house is moving along beautifully! We are going down there next week to check in, and I am pretty pumped! I can't wait to see it all! I will be sure to get some pictures for you guys.

I hope that you all have a SUPER DUPER weekend! I hope that you all get to have some fun with your family! Be safe in all you do!


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