Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Etsy Bloggers

For the month, I would like to introduce to you all the jewelry of Calkat. How great are these pieces?

Here are the links if you would like to see more: shop and blog

Friday, December 18, 2009

Etsy Bloggers- Favorite Color Combos

This month's blog carnival is dedicated to our favorite color combinations. I have to say that Eggplant Purple and Sage green are two of my favorite colors. And I plan on using these two colors for my upcoming wedding. The clock is ticking and it is time to get creative!!! Here are a few of my inspiration pictures:Bridesmaid dresses are going to be the purple. The green is going to be the secondary, which is perfect for spring!

Something else that is not shown that I am going to be creating is decorating all of the bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gift bags with the two colors. I have had the opportunity to do the gift bags for a wedding through my Etsy shop and I thought that it was a nice touch.

If anyone has any suggestions for different ideas for these colors, please let me know, it would be a great help!

Time to get busy!

Images are from Bridal buds,Wedding bee, and Wedding Wire.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh my...

I had no idea that so much dust accumulated on my little blog. Gees. I have been busy running between Huntsville and Nashville and working with a couple of contractors for a project on the house. Please forgive me for the absence. I will be out again probably until Wednesday afternoon. Guys, I can't tell you how this move has lingered on. I can't wait for it to be over. "Hurry up Wednesday!!"

Anyhoo, I finally got over being sick and got to D1! Oh boy, that was insane, exhausting, invigorating, and puzzling that I have so many muscles. Let me tell you that I waddled around for days!! I went on Tuesday and just yesterday I could confidently say that I was back 100%! Can't wait to go back for more! hehe
Can't tell you the last time that I had to do a full blown pushup! Oh woman modified pushups allowed. But I surprised myself and knocked it out! So exciting!Well, I promise that I will do my blog rounds as soon as I possibly can. I hope that you all are doing super duper!! Take care!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Project D1

I start a brand new journey tomorrow. It is one that I know is going to change my life, and I'm so excited and scared all at the same time! It is a Boot Camp program that really is meant to kick my butt and get me into tip top shape. D1 is a training facility that is geared to training collegiate athletes and pro-sports players that was started by Will Bartholomew an ex-Broncos player, and is co-owned with Peyton Manning of the Colts and Philip Rivers of the Chargers. (you can click on their logo below for their website)
So why go to this extent? Well, I am one of those people who gets super duper motivated, works like crazy for a few days and then I either get hurt or I fall from exhaustion because I did too much too fast. It has been a very vicious cycle with me. I have never been good about pacing myself or being consistent. So I have joined D1 for help to get me on track so that I can look great in time for the wedding and fingers crossed, wear a two piece (for the first time in my life) on the honeymoon. Gotta wear a two piece if you are in Hawaii, right?? kenyit I can't think of anyone better to help me than some big 'ole football players and trainers?! I'm hoping that during this next year, I am set on the right track so that I can break this ugly cycle and start being a consistent "athlete". From there, I would love to get involved in running marathons (1/2 of course) and just being a healthy person.

These next 365 days are going to be crazy, not just for this new change with me but also because of the wedding and the new house. I am a very lucky girl for all of these wonderful things and for this great opportunity. I am treating it like my very own Biggest Loser competition.

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes on the house! You guys are truly awesome, and I absolutely love your support! I will let you guys know tomorrow how my first boot camp session went, but I am preparing to be one very sore puppy this week!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Any Interest?

I have an idea that I have been thinking about, and I am writing you guys to see if you have any interest in this. I have another blog, "that Kitty mama" and I was thinking about doing a sort of Furry Show and Tell. You guys have shown a lot of love when I have posted about my feline family so I would like to extend that to all of your furry family members.

I have an email link on that blog where you can submit your stories and pictures. I haven't seen anything like this and thought it would be fun to build a collection of our adorable pets!

Any interest in sharing your furry friends?? Please feel free to stop by!
That Kitty Mama

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh so, so close!

I'm getting so itchy! Not literally, but man I so cannot wait until I can say that don't live in an apartment anymore! lol We are oh so close. Here are pictures of the interior so you can see what we did.
I have an extreme aversion for beige, so we went blue.
We tore out the carpet and put in hardwood.
In the kitchen we put in granite counters, a backsplash, and a ceramic tile floor.
It is going to be so awesome to have actual cabinet space!

So that is the update on the interior! YAY! The rest of the house is pretty standard. Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Carnival- Etsy Bloggers

For this month's Carnival, we were asked to talk about how we were going to be celebrating Halloween. Well, as much as I love the spider webs, pumpkins and super fun decor, there won't be much of that this year. Wait! Hold on...there is going to be a lot of excitement had by all! (well, us really) ;-)

The day has finally come and we will be closing on our first house next Friday! I know that I haven't posted much on the house lately, but I do have some photos that I will be posting for you this weekend. I promise. There were lots of interior changes that we made and they are finally done with all of them. It is beautiful! And we are so incredibly pumped!And not to completely disregard the holiday, I'm hoping that we will be able to put up a few pumpkins. Fingers crossed...
I do have a bit of Halloween fun in my Etsy shop. It is a set of three black gift bags that are accented with glitter embellishments and ribbon. Perfect for those treat bags!

I hope that everyone has a Spook-tastic Halloween! I know I will!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's that time again!!!

Time for another Auburn Football Game!!! Yay! I will say that Project Football Love is moving along quite nicely!I am getting pumped for my second big Auburn game! We are leaving butt early (and let me tell you guys that I am not the most pleasant person in the morning) Seriously. Poor Chris, he handles it pretty well. He thinks that joking around will get a smile on my face, but actually he gets quite the opposite reaction. And let's see, if you look at the time stamp of this post, you will see that it is 2.5 hours before we are getting up. Whew, I'm going to be a happy girl. But obviously, very excited!

We had quite an eventful evening. This little brat (yes, don't judge me) decided that she was going to have some fun with us tonight. And we were not amused. She decided to hide from us for 10 hours in the apartment. We literally tore this place apart a few times. We had figured out that she was hiding in the garage under/in the car. We jacked the car, searched the engine and the wheels and there was no Molly. We were convinced that she had gotten out somehow. After crashing on the couch to figure out what to do next, this little thing just strolled back inside looking for food. Yea, thanks Molly. Ooo, we were relieved and ticked the same time, but once she started purring again, we were done being mad. Really, how can you be mad at this little face?!SHHH....don't tell Chris that I am showing you all this! Lookie who he ran into at the San Fran airport this week?!?! Can you tell who it is? Don't fret, I had a hard time with it at first too. I was thinking that this was an old biker buddy of his (I don't think he has any biker buddies) or I was thinking that this was some football player that I am "supposed" to know. Any other guesses??It's GUY FIERI!!! Who would have thunk it? See it now? For anyone that doesn't know who guy Fieri is, no worries, he is one of the stars of the Food Network. And I am a fan! I didn't recognize him without the blond spikey hair showing and the sunglasses on backwards! No real scope, Chris found out that he was on his way to Honolulu and that he is going to be in our neck of the woods soon. (Nashville) How cool is that?! Kind of jealous...

To continue on with the random post, I found quite a lovely surprise when I was visiting one of my regular blogger buddies, Lisa Anne. It is the Dragon's Loyalty award, and I am honored. Thank you Lisa Anne!!! Seriously, if you guys haven't found your way to her corner of the world, you would not regret wandering over there!
So standard rules apply... show some love to the one that gave you the award, link to their page in the post, and pass it on.

In the spirit of this award, I am going to pass it on to my lovely faithful followers! I love you guys! And like what Lisa Anne did, you guys will be surprised by the award by reading this post! (*wink*)

Without further adieu:
1● Beaded Tail
2●Ocean Dreams (and a special shot of love for being my very first follower!)
3●Scrappin' my Bliss
5●the Fox Den
6●Confession of a first time Mom

You guys are awesome! And thanks for being your beautiful selves!

I hope that you all have a SPECTACULAR weekend! It is now 2 hours before I have to get up again, so I have to shut this down and try to get some sleep xpasti I'm out~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Hazydaisy!
I have to answer the following thousand questions using only one word answers, and then tag others! Here goes then:

1● Where is your cell phone? Lap
2● Your hair? Up
3● Your mother? Astounding
4● Your father? Strong
5● Your favorite food? Carbs
6● Your dream last night? Wedding
7● Your favorite drink? Wine
8● Your dream/goal? Happiness
9● What room are you in? Den
10● Your hobby? Bags
11● Your fear? Dishonesty
12● Where do you want to be in six years? Healthy
13● Where were you last night? Den
14● Something that you aren't? Dumb
15● Muffins? Blueberry
16● Wishlist item? Sewing-Machine (oops)
17● Where did you grow up? Cincinnati
18● Last thing you did? Jogged
19● What are you wearing? T-shirt
20● Your TV, movie? Bridget-Jones
21● Your pets? Funny
22● Friends? Necessity
23● Your life? Crazy
24● Your mood? Mellow
25● Missing someone? Yeap
26● Vehicle? SUV
27● Something you're not wearing? Shoes
28● Your favorite store? Coach
29● Your favorite color? Teal
30● When was the last time you laughed? Minutes
31● Last time you cried? Monday
32● Best friend sympathetic? Absolutely
33● One place you go over and over? CraftStore
34● One person who emails you regularly? Mom
35● Favorite place to eat? Penn-Station

My goodness, that was a lot!

Alrighty-runey, I would like to see these answers from...

Smell the Coffee Lisa
Scrappin' my Bliss
Ocean Dreams
Love, Taryn
Splendid Little Stars
MAB notes on jewelry

YAY! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holy Moley-- do I feel good!

We all know that exercise makes you feel good. But wow, I just got done with a 4 mile jog/walk and I feel on top of the world! WOOHOO! Oh, fingers crossed that I can get used to this feeling so I can stop being so darn lazy and start exercising everyday!

I have never really been a runner. I grew up playing soccer and I have played my entire life. This is the first time in my life that I am actually starting to enjoy running. Gosh, I used to despise it. A goal of mine would be to run a half marathon. And I am going to try to work towards that for next year at the Music City Marathon. It will be perfect. It will force me to be in shape and hopefully look amazing in my wedding dress the next month. The marathon is in the beginning of April I believe, and our wedding is in May.

I thought that I would share some tools that are amazingly helpful. This is certainly not any kind of product review, this is introducing you all to the amazing-ness that is my running buddy. It is the Nike Plus Sportsband. It is a watch with USB thingy and sensor that "records" your runs. It logs time, distance, pace, and calories. This is what I love. You actually get to see how much work you are doing. So this allows you run anywhere and still see how far you are going. Once you are done, you just plug the USB thing into the computer and you have a page where is keeps track of all of your runs, data and everything. You can set up training programs and challenges with people from all over the world. There is the worlds largest 10K run on 10.24.2009. It's a great tool, and I love it!

So what motivates you all to get off of the couch?

I'm hoping that I can move tomorrow, so that I can get a good dose of running in again. I feel GRREEEAATTT!!

lol- and I'm a dork.


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