Thursday, October 29, 2009

Any Interest?

I have an idea that I have been thinking about, and I am writing you guys to see if you have any interest in this. I have another blog, "that Kitty mama" and I was thinking about doing a sort of Furry Show and Tell. You guys have shown a lot of love when I have posted about my feline family so I would like to extend that to all of your furry family members.

I have an email link on that blog where you can submit your stories and pictures. I haven't seen anything like this and thought it would be fun to build a collection of our adorable pets!

Any interest in sharing your furry friends?? Please feel free to stop by!
That Kitty Mama


  1. Oh I am soooo in!!! This is a FABULOUS idea, girl!!! I am still at work right now so I can't do anything till later (I really shouldn't be blog-hopping at all right now...eeek!) but I am definitely on board with this great idea!!! :-) xoxo

  2. That sounds like fun! I don't have any furry animals myself but I would love to see pics and read stories of some!

  3. This sounds like a pawesome idea! I don't know what kind of stories to send in though since my furbabies pretty much put it all on our blog but I'll try to come up with something!

  4. I don't have a furry pet but I would love to tell stories of pets in the past...thanks by the way for awarding me with the dragon award in the past, I am sorry if I missed that post. I will be sure to put on my blog award that you awarded it to me. You are too sweet! XO and such a cute idea about the pets.

  5. awww what a cute idea! i would love to see that!!

  6. Me too, I love to hear about people's pets!



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