Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello World, meet Molly!

Yep, our little rescue baby is completely healthy and has captured our hearts, so I would like to introduce you to Molly!
She had a very big day at the Vet yesterday, poor little thing, but she completely blew us all away with how well she behaved. She was such a champ! So our little one is about 9 weeks old and weighed in at a solid 2 pounds and 9 ounces. She sat on that table and had blood drawn, shots, pills, and a bath and she just purred the whole time! Really, purring at the vet, who knew?!
This little one decided that Monday night, she wanted to be an indoor kitty. Normally she would run from you if you looked at her, and for some reason that night she was crying and crying at the screen door and standing on her hind legs. It was going to be a cold night. Very bizarre for her. So that is when Game Plan Rescue Kitty was put into effect.
We have started to bring her out and introducing her to her new family. This is Aubie, same birth mother but different litter. We are hoping that they bond and play together. We rescued Aubie back in March. Talk about SPOILED LITTLE PRINCESS! She demands fresh water and she loves her king size pillow top bed! Come on Aubie, time to be a good big sister...
Here is Molly's and Aubie's Mama. I absolutely adore her. She is the sweetest, most passive kitty and a great mama. I would LOVE to rescue her, she deserves a good home. I just can't get her. Don't worry Mama, we are taking care of your two babies!
So Monday night she was utterly fearful of humans, and now she is a COMPLETE LOVE BUG! Can't get enough! We are working on the playing, but I have faith that will come in the new few days. Such a great kitten!


  1. so adorable - love her!! congratulations to the addition to your family! :)

  2. Oh poor thing, so glad that she is coming around and learning to love. I love the pictures you captured of her, too adorable.

  3. Molly is so cute! It's so wonderful to hear how well she's doing in her new furever home! I'm sure Aubie will enjoy having a little sisfur around too. Mama looks so sweet and I think she knows her babies are in a loving home now. Thanks for all you do to help kitties!

  4. Congrats on the new family addition!!!!! She is precious!!!!!! And you are THE BEST for rescuing her!!! xoxo

  5. Molly is so gorgeous! She'll be a great addition to the household. Don't give up hope for the mother cat,one day she'll learn she can trust you. Specially when she sees how well you take care of her babies!
    Such a lovely heartwarming post,Mary!

  6. She has such a smart little face. This one is going to be loads of fun. Lucky kitty.

  7. She did great at the vets! Although, I remember my dog Milo was fine with the vet until he had to go in to get The Operation. Now he hates going there!

  8. What a cutie pie. My kitty was in the vet today, I thought she broke her foot. it's just sprained and really swollen $257 later. She's doing fine now though.

    Chloe is 3 months old and weighs 2.9lbs. She's gonna be small.

    I love your kitty. I wanted a black kitty but the BF thinks they are scary. BOO. I think they are cute. lol

  9. Oh how sweet is she! Our Chestnut is a rescue too. :)

  10. So nice of you to bring Molly in! I'm sure she'll be playing very soon and providing you with hours of entertainment! Her mama came very close so I think you may be able to coax her in yet. My dad used to take in stray cats too and they were wonderful companions!

    Visiting through SITS.

  11. AWWW so cute! I am so happy that you rescued that little one. I am such an animal person. I just rescued a kitten from a ditch here where I live and he has become the best kitten, so friendly and was very timid when I got him. Good luck to ya'll.

    You can see my kitty on my blog on my 9/30 post for free cat food .

  12. Hi Mary, I LOVE your new little Molly! We are also cat people, and have recently adopted our little can see her her
    Love your blog!



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