Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holy Moley-- do I feel good!

We all know that exercise makes you feel good. But wow, I just got done with a 4 mile jog/walk and I feel on top of the world! WOOHOO! Oh, fingers crossed that I can get used to this feeling so I can stop being so darn lazy and start exercising everyday!

I have never really been a runner. I grew up playing soccer and I have played my entire life. This is the first time in my life that I am actually starting to enjoy running. Gosh, I used to despise it. A goal of mine would be to run a half marathon. And I am going to try to work towards that for next year at the Music City Marathon. It will be perfect. It will force me to be in shape and hopefully look amazing in my wedding dress the next month. The marathon is in the beginning of April I believe, and our wedding is in May.

I thought that I would share some tools that are amazingly helpful. This is certainly not any kind of product review, this is introducing you all to the amazing-ness that is my running buddy. It is the Nike Plus Sportsband. It is a watch with USB thingy and sensor that "records" your runs. It logs time, distance, pace, and calories. This is what I love. You actually get to see how much work you are doing. So this allows you run anywhere and still see how far you are going. Once you are done, you just plug the USB thing into the computer and you have a page where is keeps track of all of your runs, data and everything. You can set up training programs and challenges with people from all over the world. There is the worlds largest 10K run on 10.24.2009. It's a great tool, and I love it!

So what motivates you all to get off of the couch?

I'm hoping that I can move tomorrow, so that I can get a good dose of running in again. I feel GRREEEAATTT!!

lol- and I'm a dork.


  1. Congratulations on your run! That little gadget is pretty cool but I think it might take more than that to get me running! I try but I hate it so much but your ethusiasm about it has me willing to try again!

  2. Hi, Mary! Congrats on your running. I wish I could get motivated, but all this rain keeps me at home~ it's so hard to get out with the little ones. Your gadget looks pretty awesome... maybe I just need a fun new toy to get me going! =) Good luck!

  3. I love that exercise high you get when you work out really hard. How cool that you have set a goal of running a half marathon. You will definitely look amazing on your wedding day. Best of luck!

  4. Wow, I am so proud of you for running more and getting involved in marathons, you go girl! I just did the 1/2 D-land Marathon here in Cali and I do not regret it. I think these races are great incentives to stay healthy and it is not about running fast, but your endurance. And yes, little gadgets certainly help keep us strong!

  5. 4 mile rum walk! I am super impressed. just the thought made me exhausted.

    stopping by from SITS glad i found your blog, super cute! really love the background

  6. Mary, you are an inspiration! I love the gadget too. I always thought I was built for comfort rather than speed but I managed to run two 10k races and absolutely loved them! So get your name down for that half marathon, it's a great goal!

  7. Girl you ROCK!!!!! So proud of you ... and so jealous!!! lolol I canNOT do four miles right now! I can do about one, and that is ok. It will take time for me to build up! You are my inspiration!!! Big hugs!!! xoxo

  8. Very good!! Way to get moving!!

    The husband and I are doing a half-marathon in November and it has definitely gotten us off the couch. Good luck to you reaching that goal... I'm sure you can do it!!



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