Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh my...

I had no idea that so much dust accumulated on my little blog. Gees. I have been busy running between Huntsville and Nashville and working with a couple of contractors for a project on the house. Please forgive me for the absence. I will be out again probably until Wednesday afternoon. Guys, I can't tell you how this move has lingered on. I can't wait for it to be over. "Hurry up Wednesday!!"

Anyhoo, I finally got over being sick and got to D1! Oh boy, that was insane, exhausting, invigorating, and puzzling that I have so many muscles. Let me tell you that I waddled around for days!! I went on Tuesday and just yesterday I could confidently say that I was back 100%! Can't wait to go back for more! hehe
Can't tell you the last time that I had to do a full blown pushup! Oh woman modified pushups allowed. But I surprised myself and knocked it out! So exciting!Well, I promise that I will do my blog rounds as soon as I possibly can. I hope that you all are doing super duper!! Take care!


  1. Glad you are feeling better and congrats on the great start at Boot Camp!

  2. You sound busy! Glad to see you back in the bloggy world!

    I have never heard of D1. I need to check into that!

  3. Keep us posted about your progress at Boot Camp! It sounds terrifying and wonderful at the same time! Glad you're feeling well again

  4. Good job at boot camp lady! Hope you find a moment to breath and hope you feel even more rested soon!



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