Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fun

Have you guys been enjoying the Olympics? Each time the Olympics come around, I try to learn a new sport. Back in Vancouver, it was curling. Man that was a neat sport! I got hooked even to the point of downloading an iPhone app for curling.

This time, I watched a lot of beach volleyball and then making my best attempt at water polo and horse dressage. Some of it I get, and some of it I do not. Water polo for instance, I get that it is a lot like soccer, hockey and basketball. Mix them up and throw them in a pool, and that is about the extent of my understanding. There were too many whistles but the players were not stopping for them, so I don't understand what they were for.

Beach volleyball, not hard to get addicted to. I got caught up in Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings. Did you guys watch them at all? I had no idea that they were such a powerhouse for the sport. And the gold medal match between two USA teams! What a win-win! Even though Misty said that she is definitely done with volleyball, Kerri is starting to look for another partner for Rio 2016.
Horse Dressage, that was interesting to watch. I was amazed at how a horse could move to a piece of choreography with minimal instruction from the rider. My husband called it "horse dancing" which sounds silly, but is actually what it looked like.

Did you guys know that there was women's wrestling? Men's field hockey? And how is it that they get rid of baseball and softball, but BMX bike is a sport?

Well, I have to admit, I have enjoyed having lots to watch on TV these past couple of weeks between all of the channels that were broadcasting the Olympics. I feel like I watch enough of the Americans compete that I did my civic duty! lol What events have you guys enjoyed?

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