Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

What a whirlwind of a weekend! We were finally able to take our little one to the Georgia Aquarium.  My hubby and I are huge fans of aquariums and it has been one of our things to do together so we couldn't wait to be able to take Emily.

She had the best time! Constantly making her happy sounds and grinning ear to ear. Absolutely nothing brings pure joy than seeing happiness on a child's face. It melts your heart.


{These pictures do not do this place justice.}

The Aquarium was amazing and very different from other ones that I had been to. Most of them have a direct circulation through the exhibitions one right after another through the space and when you got to the end, that's it. At the Georgia Aquarium, you enter into the central common space (after security and all of that) and then all of the different exhibits branch off from that. You exit from an exhibit right back into the lobby. Therefore you get to pick and choose what order you see everything, and if you want to go back for a second round, you can.
Another big difference is that they put their money in big show stopping exhibits instead of several small ones. And I mean BIG. A 6.3 million gallon tank, the biggest in the world.You want to talk about impressive, it is an absolutely amazing site.
How cute are these sea otters?

 Mommy and baby!


  1. what surreal and beautiful pics, looks like you all had a wonderful time. we have a nice aquarium near us too, we love taking Dinosaur there.

  2. Those are some amazing pictures! I love going to aquariums.

  3. My H and I LOVE aquariums too! We've been wanting to visit the one in Atlanta and I'd like to take him to the one in Chattanooga (it has multiple floors!)

    Discovered you on SITS! Can't wait to read more!




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