Saturday, July 7, 2012

Washing Stuffed Animals

My daughter loves her stuffed white kitty cats. She sleeps with them and carries them around everywhere by the tail. Sometimes there is a cat in each hand as she runs around the house. It is quite a cute sight.
In fear that something would happen to these beloved creatures, I have purchased several of them. I have backed up the back ups. Presently there are five cats, and I still wonder if that is enough! These little guys are well loved.
I panicked when websites said to surface wash stuffed animals. There was no way that would get them clean enough knowing what trauma my daughter has put them through. The issue had been the polyethylene pellets inside. I have found out that putting an animal in the dryer with these pellets will ruin the toy because the pellets will melt. But if the animal was in good condition there was no reason why it wouldn't make it through the washer.
So I took the plunge and tried it, and it worked! At first I was putting the animals in a mesh laundry bag (after a spray or two of a stain remover) and tucked the animal in the center of the washer. No problem, it made it just fine. Since then I have forgotten about the bag and just put them in the center of the washer. Again no problem.

Since the dryer is the issue, these lovely little guys air dry. Problem solved, and I can report with confidence that your child's stuffed animals can be washed in a washer even with these pellets. And yes...I did show you my laundry!


  1. I remember those days! Cute blog! Found you through SITS. I am going to explore now. Have a wonderful weekend! Stacie xo

  2. Oops! I've washed AND dried stuffed animals! Guess I was lucky not to ruin them. Ignorance is bliss...

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. I always wondered if that worked ;)



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