Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm gearing up!!

It's going to be a shopping extravaganza this weekend! Down here in little 'ole Alabama there are certain shops that we do not have such as Macy's, Jo-Ann Fabrics Superstore, Whole Foods, the Coach Outlet, antique stores and one of my favorite restaurants Penn Station East Coast Subs. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited that my Mom and I along with my precious daughter are going to be visiting all of these places in Nashville. Ah, my old stomping grounds!

I am making up a list of all of the things that we have to get and gathering up as many coupons as I can get. FYI- Macy's facebook page is offering a coupon for up to 20% on certain items expiring July 23rd. Stop over there and grab that offer! There is also "Coupon Commotion" at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and there are several 40-50% of coupons there. And their policy is that if the coupons have different codes on them, they can be used during the same purchase. I just want to pass on the info for you guys. Hope it's helpful!

I'll be sure to share the fruits of my shopping efforts with you all next week, and I plan on getting some great crafting posts from it. Gotta find a way to share my shopping excitement with all of you!

So what stores are a must have for you? Are you lucky enough to have them near you, or is it a curse to have them close by?

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