Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sewing Tutorial- Mitered Corners

I am very excited to be writing out my very first sewing tutorial! Project Runway was definitely the catalyst for me wanting to learn how to sew, bloggers tutorials and you tube videos have been the method that I have used to do that. I am hoping that I can add my bunch of tutorials to the wonderful collection that exists on the web already.

This tutorial will show you one method of making a mitered corner. For this example, I will be using fleece material and a satin ribbon binding for the edging.

Materials needed: Fleece and satin ribbon binding, coordinating thread, pins
(For this example, I am using a red topstitching thread so that it will be clearly visible to you.)
Step 1: On one side, pin the binding in place. You will notice that the binding does not have equal sides. The longer side of the binding is the bottom part of the "sandwich". This is to ensure that the stitching catches the bottom piece.
Step 2: Center the edge of the binding in the middle of your sewing machine footer. Begin stitching with a zig zag stitch. This is a good hearty stitch that will stand up to a heavy blanket. (Read next step before completing)
Step 3: Before you get to the edge, stop stitching about the same distance as width of the binding. Remember to backstitch.
Another perspective.
Step 4: Take the fleece out from the sewing machine. Open up the binding on the side and align the side of the fleece at the crease of the binding.
This is what your corner should look like.
Step 5: Following the arrows, tuck that corner binding underneath the top binding and align it with the edge.
Step 6: Keep rolling that fabric under until you get the corner like you see below. Pin in place.
Step 7: Place back in the machine to complete the stitching. Remember to backstitch.
Yay! You have mitered corner!

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