Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tori & Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood

Have any of you guys watched this show? Let me start off by saying that yes, I was a 90210 fan, but I can't say that I was a huge fan of Tori Spelling. But she is back on TV with her husband Dean, son Liam and daughter Stella.

Well, I was bored one day, so I decided give it five minutes to impress me. Let me just say WOW! She is nothing like what you would think a big celeb would be like! She is completely real, I am utterly amazed! And you know, I have actually enjoy catching her show when I get the chance now. Yes, I know another show. But there is also a bonus, her husband is not bad on the eyes either Ladies! ;) Right, right??!! Well, minus those 1970s glasses! Hmm...
I give her a lot of credit growing up with the fame of her father and the drama that continues to have with her mother, but she is down to earth, friendly, sweet and she could truly be one of your girlfriends!

Her show is on Oxygen at various times of the week, check it out sometime!


  1. I will admit that her show is one of my guilty pleasures! And I was the same way as you...fan of 90210 but not so much a fan of her's. But she really does seem very sweet and real. I love that! Her first husband, the one she left when she met Dean, was actually from my hometown and his whole family still lives here. And he is part Greek, as am I, and his family attends the same church as my family. She used to come home with him every Greek Easter and they came to our church. I spotted her once from a distance. Verrrry skinny!!! lol She also loved going to a favorite local take-out place in our city. I never saw here there, though, but several friends did! I guess her first book talks a bit about my hometown. I really should read it!

  2. I watch this show too. I like it. I watched her other shows also I think this is her 3rd season but the other season were called something different. She did the season where they opened the bed and breakfast etc.

    Have you read her books? I read her first book I really liked it. They are both kinda home wreckers if you think about it. lol

    I want to read her 2nd book mommywood but have not had a chance to.

  3. sounds a good show,I don't think we'll get it here,though




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