Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is going to be interesting...

Well, I did something this evening that I never thought that I would do. It was done out of a sincere attempt to enjoy one of the man's passions. I worked really hard at this last year and so this year I decided to go that extra step. (theMainLadybug and ontherefrigeratordoor can verify my efforts from the last year-lol)

So, what am I giving my fall away too? A fantasy football league. looks very strange doesn't it? Especially coming from me. Now granted, this is just a league involving the family, and yes, I did have him throw in some HEAVY input (*wink*) but the fact of the matter is there is a team called:

The Little Lambs
Sounds fierce, right!! Get it? Mary & the little lambs?!! Go Lambs!

I will keep you updated with the progress that the team is making...are there any football fans out there aside from the Main Ladybug??? Ms. Ladybug, I did draft Rob Bironas! (heavy suggestion from the man) But I will say that I do remember his name from last year! And I knew there had to be someone from the Titan's on my team just for you!!!

Now allow me to throw in a beautiful memory of mine. We all knew that the Main Ladybug is a Titans fan. No- really, she is a BIG Titan's fan. But there was that one Thursday office party where we were told to show our Titan's spirit, and who would have thought, but that Main Ladybug dyed her hair blue!!! But not only that, there was a Titan's sports jersey with the incorporated packing air bubbles as shoulder pads. gelakguling It was so priceless, I can't even explain to you how priceless it was. Aw, our bosses' faces. I will never forget it! Thank Ms. Ladybug!

(Side note, if you haven't met the Main Ladybug, you all will love her as I do. Please stop on by!)

So I have a sneaking feeling that this team is going to get me to become a hard core football fan. I have to be truthful, I kind of hope it does. That way the man and I can have something else to bond over. He will never get me on baseball, but I think he has a strong possibility that he will get me on football. I live in the South, this is big right??!! Let's hope that this time next year, I won't be soooo annoyed at the football countdown. Yes, Ladies, I am update quite frequently with the weeks, days, hours and minutes until the first game!

What is the role of football in your households? How do you all deal?


  1. You are THE BEST, Design Gal! I am SO proud of you on so many different levels, and now FOOTBALL . . . are we positive that the hospital didn't make a mistake and give you to the wrong parents? Blue Hair for the monthly staff party - yep, that was a really special day in my career, but we're talking TITANS HERE and the sky is the limit when showing my support and love - not just for the Titans but for you and Ms. OnTheRefrigeratorDoor too! You two are the best, and football of any sort kicks some serious butt!!!!!

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  3. I love it!!! I am a HUGE football fan so I love when I found out my bloggy buddies are, too...or at least trying to be!!! :-) But, my blood runs New England red, white, and blue!!! I am all about my New England Patriots!!! So since I am as big a football fan as the hubs, football season is pretty easy around our house! And I am the one pushing my hubs in to fantasy football! He is hard-core, die-hard baseball fan (that is one sport I can NOT get in to) and he is so absorbed in his fantasy baseball team, so I always have to be the one pushing fantasy football!!! lolol :-)

  4. Neither one of us likes football (don't get me started on the disparity between what professional sports players make and what our teachers make for a living)--but I think it's very sweet that you guys are jumping into this together. I think it sounds rewarding and it might even turn out to be fun for everyone.

  5. Good for you!! The BF wouldn't let me join his league, mostly because I have no idea what I'd be doing in the league. Well so he says. I think he's just scared I'd actually beat him. I look forward to following your progress in your league!! Go your team!!

  6. I love football! It's a good thing too since my husband knows everything about everybody and every team, college or pro. We live in a college town too so it's football for us all weekend!

    Best of luck on your Fantasy Football league and welcome to the Etsybloggers team too!

  7. Oh you have a pretty little blog. I'm off to check out the rest.

  8. That is great, hope you have fun with the sport. I am not that big of a football fan but I try to watch sports now and again! Thanks for your compliment on my crocheting, I might try to make some for Etsy if I get really good, wish me luck! ;)

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