Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am a huge fan of the show, HUGE! I get so excited for this time of the year! And to have it again in the fall, OMG!!! Woohoo! (insert flaring arms here) So here is a quick recap of the night for those who may have missed it.

Karla and Jonathan: Hip Hop- Cute, but probably not going to be memorable. I don’t know if it was as bad as a “Sunday School Picnic” as Nigel stated but I agree with Mary, the two of them looked off. We’ll see.

Asuka and Vitolio: Jazz, Okay. There seemed to be a lot of “dead spots” in there between the moves. Maybe hesitation is a better word. I am not a dancer, so of all of my critiques are from an uneducated point of view, just an entertainment factor.

Melissa and Ade: Rumba, Wow, now that was a dance! I would love to be able to pull off and outfit that Melissa had on, it was gorgeous. I really enjoyed watching that!

Janette and Brandon: Hip Hop, That was very cool! And I think that Brandon has to have proven Mia and Lil C wrong with that number.

Kayla and Kupono: Vietnamese Waltz- I like these two together. Kayla is an amazing dancer; she has nailed everything that they have given to her. I think she might be headed to the Top 4.

Randi and Evan: Jazz, OMG, to be in the mind of Mia Michaels, what would that be like?? The butt dance was great, and extremely original. I really like the two of them, they are awfully cute together! Probably my favorite number of the night! Well, Melissa and Ade were pretty darn good too. Hmm…

Katlin and Jason: Paso Doble. I enjoyed that. The music automatically makes number that pretty powerful.

Jeanine and Philip: Broadway, what a cute number! I never would have thought that a “popper” would have been able to pull that off, but I thought that he did great. That was a fun number.

Nothing really hit me as an amazing “OMG, I have to see that dance again” but that is just me. What did everyone think?? Let the discussions begin!


  1. Hey there - over from SITS. I, too, am a huge SYTYCD fan!! I put some videos up today of my fave dances from each week so far. LOVED the butt dance the best from last night... but also really liked the rumba.

    It's going to be on again in the fall??! Why didn't I know this!????

    Cheers to you!

  2. Stopping by from SITS to leave some thursday bloggy love! Dont watch the show but thought i would still share some love!

  3. Thanks for stopping by from Sits

  4. Don't we all love this show?!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love to have new readers!

  5. hey, thanks for coming and visiting my blog! I LOVE SYTYCD, but saddly, don't have reception for television where I live, so I have to go off of videos all the time... but I just may have to find a way to watch it on the internet. I loved your critiques, and am extremely curious about the "butt dance". Have a great day!

  6. Hiya, stopping by from SITS. Your blog is nice, and I love your garden pics! I'm also trying to work on a walking workout plan...

  7. Hey Girl!

    You know that I don't watch "your show", but your excitement certainly is contagious & I get WAY excited just reading about it!!

  8. OMGosh, this is one of my fave shows EVER! I've watched every single episode... and I've even been to see the tour for Seasons 2 and 3! I love love LOVE it!

    Evan has my vote to go all the way... I fell in love with him last year, and was so disappointed when he didn't make the show. I think he is just wonderful... and love him being paired with Randi. Phillip is just wicked cool, too!

    I'm so excited there will be another season in the fall... we don't have to wait until next summer, woohoo!



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