Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall back into blogging

Here in Alabama, fall really doesn't hit us until the first week in November. So since it is still green as green can be here, here are a few snapshots I took today. 
Our little tree!
We have a family of three hummingbirds have made themselves quite at home!
"I just can't reach the flowers!" (Side note: if you need a plant that will just explode in lots of heat, lantanas makes for great ground cover.)
Even though it may not look like fall, this is quite a frequent sight this time of year! Our little buddies....
And the biggest sign that fall is here in our house, it is college football time. Husband turns giddy, and I become happy again because of the summer's incessant college football countdown has finally ceased. Now I just have to deal with the stressed out pacing on Saturday afternoons.

Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. Found you on SITS Girls. It's so cool to see all the green in your area and to know that fall doesn't hit until November. We sprinted from a long overdue summer right into fall as of last week. There is definitely a chill (and a fog) in the air most mornings. At least the afternoons have been clearing out to a high of (don't laugh) 71 or 72. And some people here gripe about that "heat."



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