Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall back into blogging Day 3

I follow the crowd who love the fall for the crispy mornings, the leaves changing colors, a good pot of chili, and Halloween. I also get to add that my birthday is in the fall as well (next Wednesday to be exact). So I have to say that October is my favorite month.
A very special time for our family was when my husband and I took our daughter to the pumpkin patch last year. Now granted, she was just shy of six months so obviously this was more for me than anything. But that being said, we were able to elicit a few reactions out of the day.
She did giggle at the bunny rabbits, did not care for sitting in the tractor full of cotton, and definitely enjoyed the swing.

A new tradition with our little family has been started, and I am really looking forward to taking her this year. It is amazing how big she has gotten in just a year. It will be a totally new experience for her and us and we will just soak it up. (meaning that I will take hundreds of pictures)

Man, I love the fall!


  1. She is adorable! I love that swing pic.

  2. You have a beautiful family. This time of the year is fun especially when you have a little one experiencing it for the first time. It's amazing!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Fall!!!

  3. October is my favorite month too! Your baby is super cute ... I hope your birthday is wonderful. I'm visiting form SITS - have an awesome week :)



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