Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Runway All Starts Week 3

You know, I love Project Runway. Absolutely love it.  But I will say that I have a lot to learn about the fashion industry. I just flat out don't get what the professionals see. Some looks that get rave reviews, I'm like "huh"? And ones that I think area great are terrible in their eyes. Thankfully my skewed logical hasn't deterred me from watching, although I serious considered it when Gretchen won over Mondo, and the hubby was pushing for that. hehe I couldn't pull the plug.

I have to be honest about last night and say that having a Muppet on the show to me, brings a bit of silliness to the show. Don't get me wrong, the Muppets are great, but really? It's like I can't take the show as serious anymore. I'm sure I am probably the only one, but that's okay.

So knowing that I just don't get it, I'm not sure why Gordana got kicked off last night. I liked the dress, a nice pop of color, and in regards to talking about cover worthy- this is for a PIG, does the the same gut sucking criteria (that Joanna was referring to) need to be taken for a pig as a human? Just sayin'...

So here is the losing look last night:
Personally, I thought Kenley's and design was absolutely terrible. I love one of the judge's comments that you could use Kenley's hat as a dish scrubber. (hmm, or was it a loofah).
Here is Jerell's look. Now, I don't care for it on a model.  But somehow- don't ask- I can actually see this for Miss Piggy. I think it works for a costume on a puppet.
On the positive note, here is Michael's winning look. I am SO happy that he won. (I think that he should have won last week too)

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  1. love project runway! saw you on sits! have a good one!



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