Tuesday, January 17, 2012

iPhone Mommies

*This review was not solicited. This is solely my opinion.*

At some point, I'm sure that you wondering if there is anything out there that will occupy your baby and not annoy the heck out of you. Especially when you can't cart their toys everywhere. 

May I introduce you to wonder of the Pocket Pond. It's a wonderful little app, that will keep your little one occupied, and has relaxing water sounds. Can't beat that, right?
My baby is only 8 months old and she is always reaching for the phone to play pocket pond. The idea is simple. You have a very realistic pond with swimming koi, lily pads, and dragonflies. Touch the water and it ripples. That's it. 

The genius is in the simplicity that will ultimately keep kids/babies occupied. How many ripples can you get. She is now using her index finger to ripple the water, whereas before it was a funny full palm smack. (It still worked and you got a cute little giggle) And later down the line, she will use her finger to connect to the moving fish to "catch" them. It will grow with them.

No maintenance is required, no feeding necessary and no cleaning tanks. And there is a free version! YAY!

It's a winner in the Mommy Arsenal of tricks when you are out and about. Just wanted to pass that along ;-)


  1. I want an iPhone so, so, so bad! Sadly, I'm stuck with my Droid until I have the extra $200! Blah!!

  2. Haha, awesome. I'll have to remember that app.

  3. Isn't it funny how fast they learn to work the i devices? Crazy!

  4. and then at the age of 4 they can master Temple Run LOL
    it's crazy technologically advanced these little fingers are!



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