Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 Everyone! I hope that everyone had a safe and restful holiday. Ours was completely uneventful, and it was wonderful.

I have to say that 2011 was an absolutely amazing year. Reason… My little girl. She is now eight months old and I can’t believe how this time flies. Allow me to be cheesy for a second. Remember the movie “Fools Rush In”? Well, there is a line that soo applies to her. She is “everything I never knew I always wanted”. I never knew I would love Mommyhood as much as I do---I LOVE IT! Every little thing she does just cracks us up. Life is awesome now especially with her.

I am now also in a very small percentage of families where both mother and father work from home. How lucky is our little girl to have her parents’ home all day every day? I am so so blessed that I don’t have to miss a minute of her life. (Well minus my morning D1 bonding time with some trainers, lol).

So here I am New Year, and like everyone else, completely inspired to make some changes. Changes here on my little ole’ bloggy, more cooking, the rest of the preggo weight and probably the most exciting to you guys, some new crafts. I have been having a ball with my sewing machine I can’t even stand it. I probably have a year’s worth of projects already. (Thank you Pinterest) So exciting!!! And I am even going to be setting up a sewing room in the next couple of months!

Hope you guys are ready for the ride!!


  1. She's gorgeous and you're right, she is indeed lucky to have both parents at home with her. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day! :) (And good luck with your Pinterest projects!)

  2. She's adorable!! I love the picture with her name on the ground in front of her.

    Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate SITS Day!




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