Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Game Time!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!!

Today is the day!!! GO USA!!!! It's Game Time for the USA and Ghana game and we are pumped!!! Have you guys been watching the World Cup?? It's pretty incredible to watch this and see how the rest of the world treats this sport. In some countries, it was more important than religion. It's crazy!!! Gosh, I love this sport!
If you guys didn't see the USA goal in extra time during the game versus Algeria this past Wednesday, please watch this video from YouTube. Even if you did see the goal, this video is awesome!! I love seeing the support for the US team, it's incredible. Chris and I actually set off the house alarm screaming at the US goal...I couldn't help laughing with the security office called to see if we were okay. Least the woman found it funny!!! lol

Come on USA!!! We're pulling for you!!


  1. Screaming sets off those alarms? I never knew - hilarious!

  2. Man, what sadness to find this post today after that Saturday game. :( I'm popping over from SITS....I haven't personally been a soccer fan, ever, but this World Cup brought out the fan in me. It was fun to experience it with my five year old while I'm home on maternity leave, but alas, the fun is over.

    I hope your weekend went well after the game despite the result. Happy Monday.

  3. Hi! I am moving to India this year to volunteer. I'm so so so excited about it and am going to be working in rural areas trying to provide basic services that we all take so much for granted. It is going to be an amazing trip and I'm fundraising for it right now!

    If you spread the word you get a MOOD RING!

    Pretty sweet eh? :)



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