Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spotted dick by Heinz??

Excuse me??!? I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone here that may find this the most appetizing thing on the planet, but what the heck is this? I thought that this was joke at first, you know one of *those* gag gift type of jokes. Or it seems like something that should be on Bizarre Foods.

Wikipedia to the rescue. “Spotted dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants), commonly served with either custard or butter and brown sugar. Spotted refers to the dried fruit (which resemble spots) and Dick may be a contraction/corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough.[1] Another explanation offered for the latter half of the name is that it comes from the German word for "thick," in reference to the thickened suet mixture. It is a cultural part of English Cuisine."
Hmm…Interesting. So can anyone report on this?

What kind of response would I get if I said "Hey honey, how about some spotted dick for desert?" lol I don't know about him, but I certainly don't think I would take a fork to it if someone asked me that!


  1. Lol. I'm picturing someone with a british accent asking me if I'd fancy a spotted dick. Umm... no?!

    I gave you a blog award. :) Stop by to pick it up!

  2. Well, having been divorced for two years now it would depend on what the spots actually are!(sorry, couldn't resist)

    Cute cute cute post!!

  3. omg where in the world did you find this ? To think , I've gone 39 years without Spotted Dick ... I wonder what I've been missing ?

    hey - help me win $100 and comment here for me before midnite tonite :) PLEEEEEASE thx ! Jeanine

  4. There was a mistake in how my blog posted. Sorry about that! I will add your blog link, please take your award! :)

  5. mary,
    thanks for the bday wishes! where the heck did you find such a crazy thing? and did you actually buy it? lol but if i asked my husband that he would have just cracked up! :)

  6. ugh! As if "spotted dick" wasn't bad enough, it's "steamed seut pudding". That just sounds gross!! :)

  7. ROFL I can not stop laughing about the name, but it does look Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :)

  8. I am SERIOUSLY laughing out loud right now...possible piddle in my pants...hahaha!! I even made my hubby read it! This might be the funniest thing EVER!!! What a great find!

  9. Late to this... but as a former resident of England I can tell you that this is still a pretty popular dessert. But it sure does generate the laughs amongst visitors to the country and those who happen across it like here. :D

    I have to say, I never tried it myself... couldn't get past the name! ;)

  10. Ok, just stopped by, and as someone from the UK can tell you that it sounds just as ridiculous for us, but it's been around for hundreds of years so we're all kind of used to it. It's the kind of thing you get given at school, and I guess you get over the giggles by the time you leave.... (and by the way it's yum!)



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