Sunday, May 5, 2013

My daughter's 2nd birthday!

It is so hard to believe that my daughter is 2 years old already, it feels like just yesterday when I was bringing her home as a new mommy. Life has been crazy wonderful.

So my daughter is a funny little thing. She doesn't like cookies, cakes or sweets in general. However, if you give her bacon or potato chips, and she is a happy camper. {that's not all I feed my daughter- I promise} I was trying to be a bit creative when it comes to her birthday cake. There is a weakness for one type of sweetness and of course I turned to that when it came to her "cake"
 That's right, it's a Krispy Kreme Tower. 
I'll tell you what, easy to assemble, easy to "cut", and easy clean up, it was a perfect faux cake! And she absolutely love it!

 Cheers to my baby girl!

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