Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I know this makes me silly. . .

I am so completely excited about a package that was delivered VACUUM CLEANER!! YAY! I can't decided if that makes me dorky or if I have become that domesticated?!? So here she is.

Isn't she lovely!
FYI- This is NOT a product review, I was not asked to write this post.

I finally have a machine that was designed to attack the fur from all of our kitties, and that right there makes me very excited!

Thank you baby for your frequent flyer miles!


  1. I don't think it makes you silly or dorky at all. Now if you start telling us how much you enjoy vacuuming THEN I might start to wonder :)

  2. Not silly, I was the same when I got my Dyson- it was so efficient compared to the old vacuum I had which used to spit out more than it sucked up. But sadly the novelty has worn off:)



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