Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etsy Blog Carnival- Dream Vacation

This month's Etsy bloggers carnival is to talk about a dream vacation. Easy peasy. In about 10 weeks, Chris and I are going to Oahu for our honeymoon. I am so very excited! I haven't been to Hawaii so I am looking forward to soaking up the sun and the absolutely beautiful landscape.
I mean, really, what's not to like?!
Now granted there is so much to do and not a lot of time...but the couple of things that I am really looking forward to are:

Swimming with the dolphins
and hopefully seeing a few of these:
and there will definitely be some of this...
Scoping out a bit of:

and??? Hmm...anyone have any suggestions?! Aside from those couple of things, that is about all that we have. I would love any ideas and stories!

(all images from Google Images)


  1. How wonderful you're going to Oahu soon! Everything you said are certainly things you should try to do and there's also the Arizona Memorial and hiking Diamond Head. We've been to Maui 3 times and only flew over to Oahu for a day each time so that's about all the suggestions I have! Honolulu is very busy and crowded so be sure to venture all around the island.

  2. Mary you are going to have so much fun, I am happy for you! I have only been to Maui and I loved it!! So I don't know Oahu that much but I would say definitely try to go to more remote, less touristy locations, you will have a better adventure and more privacy! Ask the locations, they will know and most likely will provide a map! Also, be sure to go hiking and snorkeling, those are two of my favorite activities in Hawaii if you like to do that. Have fun soaking up the sun though!

  3. Oh you lucky girl. Hawaii has always been my dream vacation. I think just laying on the beach would be enough for me.

  4. We honeymooned in Hawaii, too! I was fortunate to still be working in travel at the time so we had three weeks there. We went to Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. Where are you staying on Oahu? We stayed at the Royal Hawaiian right on Waikiki. It is a gorgeous old hotel, and I am glad we did it. So authentically old Hawaii! Diamond Head seemed close enough to touch!

    You MUST take part of a day to go to Pearl Harbor. Even if you are not a history buff you will be so happy you did it. It is very moving. I cried...a lot. But I am so grateful we went.

    Also, if you get the chance, and if you are renting a car, try to get up to the North Shore. This is where there is some serious huge wave surfing going on. very cool to see. The North Shore is also much less crowded, less touristy, very laid back.

    And though some may say it is too touristy, the Polynesian Cultural Center is a nice attraction.

    You are going to loooooove swimming with dolphins!!! I have done it several times, though not in Hawaii, and it is a life experience not to be missed. Try to go snorkeling, too. The water is just perfect there!!!

  5. You are so lucky!! You totally have to swim with dolphins. I've never been to Hawaii. So jealous here.

  6. Gorgeous colors! I'd love to see the blue sea and sky of Hawaii myself!



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