Thursday, May 28, 2009


Welcome everyone to That Design Gal's blog! My name is Mary and I am a newbie! If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to offer this newbie some advice. I'm hoping that through blogging I can connect women together through crafts, new experiments in cooking and really anything under the sun. I hope that this can be and avenue for some inspiration!

I opened an Etsy shop about a month ago and I absolutely love it. Now if I can start getting some sales to support my gift bag fetish, that would be great ;) haha. If you like to see how I have started to dress up the plain old gift bag you can check out my Etsy store at:

I love making personalized gift bags for birthdays, baby showers, and any occasion under the sun. I was tired of buying generic gift bags and thought that I can personalize them for that special person. There is no reason why the packaging can't be personal and creative. So let's start the fun! :)


  1. Hi! I saw that you are new to SITS so I wanted to stop by! Welcome to the little blogger world. My advice is to go and explore new blogs, make new friends by networking and following their blogs and commenting, and have fun!! Also, I love that you have an Etsy! I will have to check it out. I have an Etsy as well and love it, even though I'm trying to build it up. Oh, and it's fun to have posts on what you make and inspirational ideas. I know I love to do posts on whatever I am doing at the moment, and believe me, it changes quite frequently. ;)

  2. I love it! So excited to see what you are going to do with this great blog.

    I saw the Main Ladybug is doing a giveaway with one of your Father's Day bags at her blog:

    What a great idea and just in time for a Father's Day gift. Also SIST is such a great group of ladies. So happy to be a part of it and I know you will be too.

  3. Hey Newbie!! Absolutely wonderful to have you with us in Blog World. Watch out, it's highly addictive, but the friends you meet will make it one of your most pleasurable addictions!

    I'm honored to be hosting a Father's Day Giveway with one of your creative and beautiful gift bags! Everyone come on over for your chance to win!!!



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